Eighteen Colors  LED Lighting Panel

Model No. PGLP18

Special LED lighting solution with general power intensity supplying for common intensity requesting plant. Which designed for corn, potato, tomato etc.


Spectrum (365-375)nm, (385-395)nm, (395-405)nm, (410-420)nm, (435-445)nm, (450-455)nm, (460-465)nm, (500-510)nm, (520-530)nm, (550-560)nm, (585-595)nm, (600-610)nm, (620-630)nm, (660-665)nm, (735-745)nm, (810-820)nm, (840-850)nm, (940-950)nm
Color Type Eighteen Colors/Cool Color
Power 490W
Intensity 2000μE-m²s (10cm from the lights)-dimmable from 0% to 100%
Size (L×W×H) 530mm×380mm×55mm
LED Color(s) Red, Blue, Far Red, etc.
Electrical Supply AC 110V to 277V ±5%, 50/60Hz; 1.0Amp


Note: Lights with a different spectrum are available on request

Important: This product is designed and used for plant science research, or research in such other areas as pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, materials testing, or any of the other myriad applications of a JIUPO's LED lights, certain parameters require control and monitoring.

Dimensions and Technical Drawing

Dimensions Of LED Lights Panal
  Length Width Height
Exterior 590mm 510mm 55mm

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